Shockbyte Review (2021) – Is Shockbyte Hosting Good

Shockbyte Hosting Review – – Yay or Nay? Keep reading to know The Good & The Bad about the Minecraft Server Hosting Provider! 

Shockbyte is one of the most popular platforms, dedicated to providing world-class Minecraft server hosting services at reasonable pricing models. Shockbyte has already captivated a huge market, all thanks to their specialization in renting out game servers for popular multiplayer gaming titles like Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, Valheim, and a few others. They even offer a wide array of pricing plans, which is suitable for all kinds of users (according to their needs and requirements). Initially, the server hosting provider was available for Australians, however, at present Shockbyte for Minecraft & other games can be utilized in three continents, namely: Asia (Singapore), North America (the USA and Canada), and Europe (the UK, France, Germany and Poland). 

One of the major advantages because people rely on Shockbyte Hosting Server is their specialized technical service offering. You can find almost all kinds of help you need in relevance to the game you are playing at any time on the platform. Hence, you never have to leave the game in middle, because Shockbyte for Minecraft Hosting Service is always there as a helping hand! 

Now, without further ado, let’s get to know more about Minecraft Hosting Service offered by Shockbyte. You will find the associated advantages, disadvantages, pricing models, testimonials, and how you use the server. 

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Things You Should Keep In Mind: 

#1. Hosting Games are significantly challenging since they are resource-hogging as compared to other web apps. 

#2. Unlike other heavy gaming titles, Minecraft doesn’t eat lots of RAM or CPU resources. In fact, you just need to meet the following basic specifications: 

#3 Minimum System Requirements VS Recommended Requirements are: 

1 CPU Core 2 CPU Core

#4 Shockbyte makes use of SSD NVMe for its storage space. 

Shockbyte For Minecraft Review

Shockbyte Review

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Here’s a quick roundup of the amazing set of benefits offered by the Shockbyte web hosting platform:  

  • Ease Of Use 

The Minecraft hosting service is known for its ease of management. This makes it super convenient for new users to utilize the Minecraft server. Additionally, you can find useful step-by-step tutorials to understand the entire work of Minecraft hosting clients. 

  • Network Coverage 

While choosing the best web hosting service, it is important to check the Network Coverage it offers. Talking about Shockbyte hosting for Minecraft, you can certainly find huge trouble-free coverage all over the globe. You can find several server data centers in every area of the world, be it Asia, Europe, North America, South America or any other region. 

  • Excellent Server Uptime 

Shockbyte system is known for its 100% server uptime and super-low server rate, it naturally chooses the most ideal choice for your client. 

  • Multiple Shockbyte Server Types 

With Shockbyte hosting for Minecraft service, you can find almost any Minecraft server type you can think of. Be it, NukkitX, PocketMine-MP, or Bedrock Dedicated Server, at Shockbyte you can find it. Not only this, but Shockbyte also provides various Modpacks, hence users can install their own custom server type, compatible with their own mods. Cool, right?

  • Huge Database 

Shockbyte provides a dedicated platform for gamers, where you can store all the player’s data, account information, virtual keys, passwords, and more. 

  • Provides Dedicated IP Address 

With Shockbyte hosting service, every user is allotted a dedicated IP Address, which is kept for just your server. 

  • Freebies For New Users 

Not only this, but you can also expect some amazing freebies on your purchase of a Minecraft hosting plan. For starters, you get a 45-days free trial to Enjin (For people not aware, Enjin is a popular platform that comes with a distinctive site builder, mobile apps, forums and more to help you advertise your Minecraft community. Plus, you also get a free trial of Buycraft (An excellent webstore platform for Minecraft to help users monetize their servers), for 30-days. And the freebie list doesn’t end here, with your first Shockbyte for Minecraft hosting service, you can also enjoy a 30-day free trial of Minetrends Lite (It’s an amazing analytics tool that provides detailed insights and stats related to your Minecraft server and the associated players. 

Features Offered By Shockbyte for Minecraft Hosting Service: 

With multiple hosting plans offered by Shockbyte, here’s a list of mandatory functionalities you can enjoy: 

  • DDoS Protection 
  • Unlimited Data Transfer 
  • Unlimited Web Space 
  • Java Version Switcher 
  • Task Scheduling 
  • Free MySQL Database 
  • Free Subdomain 
  • NA & EU Locations 
  • 10bps Port  

PROS & CONS: Shockbyte Hosting Review (2021)

Shockbyte is undoubtedly one of the fastest hosting service providers for games like Minecraft and more. It is loaded with advanced functionalities that ensure top-notch performance, speed, reliability, security, and more available at an affordable package.

Hands-Free Quick Setup Short Cancellation Period Of 24 Hours
Best-In Class 100% Uptime  Shockbyte Has Been Known To Delete Negative Reviews.
Unlimited Slots 
Comes With DDoS Protection 
Low Latency 
Free Snapshot Support 
Zero Cost Backups 
Multiple Server Locations 
No Bandwidth Or Storage Restrictions 

 While covering the Shockbyte hosting review, we found the aforementioned advantages and disadvantages of using the web hosting service. Now, it would be a perfect time to learn the entire process of setting up your Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting.

This Is How You Can Get Started With Shockbyte Hosting For New Players?

Using Shockbyte Hosting Service is a super-easy and convenient process. Simply, watch the video till the end and learn the entire process of setting up and using Shockbyte for Minecraft provider: 

PLANS & PRICING: Shockbyte Hosting Review (2021)

To make your gaming dreams come true, Shockbyte for Minecraft service offers 12 pricing plans. All the models offer a 100% uptime guarantee, provide ultimate protection, and 24*7 customer support along with a free sub-domain. 

Pricing/Plan Model RAM  Slots Availability Cost
Dirt  1 GB 20+ $2.50
Sand  2 GB 40+ $5.00
Cobblestone  3 GB 60+ $7.50
Iron  4 GB 80+ $10.00
Gold  5 GB 100+ $12.50
Redstone  6 GB 120+ $15.00
Diamond 7 GB 140+ $17.50
Emerald  8 GB 160+ $20.00
Obsidian  9 GB 180+ $22.50
Spartan  10 GB 200+ $25.00
Zeus  12 GB 240+ $30.00
Titan  16 GB 320+ $40.00

What Type Of Payment Modes Does Shockbyte Hosting Provider Support?

Well, there are plenty of payment modes that Shockbyte for Minecraft hosting server supports. It includes: 

  • Almost all Credit Cards & Debit Cards
  • PayPal 
  • Through Paymentwall (Like Bank Transfers etc.)

Does Shockbyte Hosting Service Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, at the time of writing this Shockbyte Hosting Review, the platform was offering up to 5% cashback through a variety of payment models. 

How Do I Place A Refund For Specific Shockbyte Server?

In case you wish to cancel your services with Shockbyte hosting service and get a refund, here’s what you need to do: 

STEP 1 = On the main dashboard, navigate to the Services tab and choose the My Services option. 

STEP 2 = Just find and hit the subscription plan you want to cancel and get a refund for. Suppose, you wish to cancel the Redstone package, click on the same (Refer to the screenshot for a better idea.)

STEP 3 = Now simply hit the Request Cancellation button. You can find the option under the Actions header on the left-side panel. 

STEP 4 = At this step, you need to provide the reason for cancelling your subscription with Shockbyte Hosting Service Provider. 

STEP 5 = Once, you’ve done that, hit the Request Cancellation (red button) to complete the process! 

As soon as you do that, Shockbyte will send you a confirmation email that your cancellation request has been accepted. Be assured, the refund process can take up to 72 hours to get completed!  

Customer Support: Shockbyte Hosting Review (2021)

To check the response timing, we independently reviewed the platform only to find out that, Shockbyte did provide answers to our queries in a few seconds. To check the Ticket Support System, we had to wait for a couple of hours to get our problems resolved. You can also check out their Knowledge Base Section to get help related to the Shockbyte for Minecraft. 

Is Shockbyte For Minecraft Service Worth It?

Absolutely! Shockbyte is one of the most trusted, authentic and reputable web hosting services for popular game titles like Minecraft and more. You can undoubtedly expect solid performance, high-security levels and affordable pricing models. In case you are someone who’s looking for crafting a network server for over 20+ gamers, then choose Shockbyte Hosting Provider today, since it offers a couple of decent choices, according to your needs and requirements. We suggest you check out and compare different pricing models offered by Shockbyte, before investing in the right plan! 

So, did this Shockbyte Hosting Review helped you to understand better about the platform? If yes, then do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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