How to Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting Issue from PC

  • In this post, we’ll tell you What to do if your Xbox One controller stops connecting and is no longer connected to your computer from the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.
  • What you can do if your Xbox A controller will always stay connected and will not be disconnected from your PC from PS3 or PS4 or even your PS Vita or Xbox console.
  • How to do it if the console breaks off the connection and what to do if the Microsoft Xbox One controller keeps the connection and doesn’t stay connected to the computer.

The Xbox One is one of the most revolutionary and popular gaming consoles ever. Although this game console is very advanced, it also has a problem with the connection between the controller and the console itself. That is why there are problems like this that occur. The best thing that you could do if you have encountered this problem is to follow the instructions that come with the controller in order to fix it. However, if the issue is not solved by that, you will then need to know what causes the Xbox One controller disconnecting problem on the Windows PC.

What Causes the Xbox One Controller Disconnecting Problem on PC?

The most common problem is that the Xbox one controller keeps Disconnecting Issue while connecting wirelessly, even if you use the wireless adapter that Microsoft sells. If you use a wireless controller, the Xbox One controller will disconnect even if it is out of range, even though it is within range. If you turn it back on at any point, it will still lose connection unless you are within reach of it. Even if you have used the wireless controllers.

How To Fix Xbox One Controller Disconnecting Problem on PC

Method-1: Using the Device Manager

Using the Device Manager you can update your drivers directly using the list that is already available or installed on your computer. It is default utility that provides the Manual and Automatic Driver update solution to fix any kind of Improper driver configuration.

Steps to follow

  • Press the Windows button and search for the Run Utility
  • Now in the Run Window Type devmgmt.msc


  • Open Device Manager and Find  the Xbox One Controller  Drivers
  • Right-Click on that Drivers and Click on Update Drivers
  • The device manager will update your drivers Automatically from Google
  • You have to restart your computer to see the effects.

Method-2: Update Controller Firmware

If you have just added a new piece of hardware, there is a good chance that you will have to download and install the appropriate Xbox One controller firmware first before you can proceed further because the new device will not be able to transmit signals to the other parts. The most common way of updating controller firmware is to use the Windows Update utility.

Steps to Follow

  • First Built the Connection between the Controller and Console
  • Now Login Into the Xbox Live Account 
  • After that Go to Menu Section available on the controller 

Xbox One Controller Disconnecting Problem

  • Choose Settings

Choose Settings

  • Select Device and Properties

Device and Properties

  • And Click on the Update and After Successful completion of the Process,


  • Now just tap on “continue” and Your Xbox one Controller keeps disconnecting issue will be fixed.

Method-3: Restart the Console

If the above solution is not worked on your device then you can simply follow the Restarting process of the Xbox Play Console.

Steps to follow

  • Click on the button “X”  till the twenty seconds and after that release the button

Restart the Console

  • After waiting for a while and again tap the “X” to Start the Console again
  • Check for your Xbox One Controller Disconnecting issue will be fixed or not.
  • Log in into the Xbox one Live Account again to Start the game.

Method-4: Install the Xbox One Accessories

Sometimes your computer doesn’t have the proper Accessories and tools to Start the Xbox One controller on your computer. So you need to install the proper Accessories.

Steps to follow

  • Go to Microsoft Store and Search  for the Xbox One Accessories
  • Install that software on your computer
  • After the installation, you need to Connect the USB with a Console Device and Check your error is resolved or not.

Method-5: Refill the batteries

If the above solutions are not worked then you can try this primary method. In this method you just simply need to Remove the Batteries and Refill the batteries again on your Controller and check for your Xbox one Controller keeps Disconnecting issue. 

Final Thoughts

When your Xbox One controller stops transmitting signals to the other wireless devices, this is usually an indication that the controller firmware has become corrupt or unreadable. This is due to the Windows Update utility that often happens to update your system when you add or remove new hardware. The latest version of the firmware must be able to recognize the devices that were previously connected before the update. 

Unfortunately, the outdated controller firmware cannot distinguish between the controllers and the other wireless controllers and may cause the Xbox One controller to disconnecting the issue on the windows PC.

In some cases, the Xbox One disconnecting issue on PC could be caused by having the wrong drivers installed on your system. If you are able to identify the specific drivers that are causing the issue, then you should try to repair or replace these drivers with the new ones that have been released for your system.

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