10 Best ARK Server Hosting Providers

Ark: Survival Evolved is a video game that is based on action-adventure and survival that can be played by single or multi-players. The game is created by Studio Wildcard with the alliance of Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, and Instinct games. This game can be played on several platforms such as Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and many more. So here we have listed down the best ARK server hosting providers for you.

Many of us are fond of video games and we have also played many games in our childhood. There are various games which give us entertainment and joy. Videogames give us unique experiences that we are on the other land and face several troubles to get on the other level. ARK: Survival evolved is one of the famous games that is trending these days. People are fond of ARK game because it has great graphics and highly advanced videogame.

ARK: survival evolved is an adventure-based game in which we land on an island. The place is full of wild species and huge animals like dinosaurs. We need to face the troubles and survive for the longest time as the game is based on survival. We need to protect ourselves from the attackers through weapons. You can choose the game character as per your choice and unlock advanced tools, weapons, etc. with every level up. It provides one of the best gaming experiences to its users.

Why do you need a server hosting for the ARK game?

ARK is a game that is time-consuming as it requires the special attention of the player to complete the level. The level of the games is a little tough so to get new characters and powers you need to invest your time. It is necessary to have the best and strong server to play the game without any hurdle. If you don’t have a good server you may face the problem of slow speed that can create a problem in your game progress.

The robust servers are filled with advanced features and tools that help you in playing the game without any trouble. If you want to know about the best server hosting for ARK game then you are at the right platform. In this article, we will take about the top 10 servers hosting for ARK game that proved to be beneficial for you in speeding your game and complete levels fast.

Best ARK Server Hosting Providers

1. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is one of the best ARK server hosting that was founded in 2013. It is been hosting numerous game servers for millions of players. Since then it has hosted about 100K game servers and offers high-quality service to its users. It consists of robust hardware and offers great and incredible features at a very reasonable price so that the users can easily afford it.

It offers easy access you just need to select ARK game, player’s number and complete the payment and your server will be activated automatically quickly. Then you can provide the IP address to invite your friends. You can ingress server files by using FTP also get robust features such as configuration and mod installation. Read the complete Shockbyte Review

Best ARK Server Hosting

Features of Shockbyte

  • Automatic backups
  • Automatic updates
  • Free subdomain
  • DDoS protection

Pricing details

Shockbyte offers a plan that costs you $14.99 per month for 30 slots.

2. ScalaCube

Scala cube is the best ARK hosting server which is having a unique control panel through you can have full access on the restart, change, and administrator options. You can easily install or update automatically the latest versions. Users can also install mods and maps to make games interesting. It also allows you to manage application files, passwords via file manager. It provides server locations in Europe and North America.

ARK Server Hosting

Features of Scalacube

  • DDoS protection
  • Subdomain without any extra charge
  • Untroubled backups
  • Plugin and MOD support

Pricing details

Scalacube provides different pricing plans from ranging $3 to $96. The price of plans differs according to the plan we select.

3. ServerBlend

ServerBlend is one of the best ARK server hosting that offers ceaselessly games at a reasonable price. It has a user-friendly and customizable control panel that offers unique tools and features. It enables you to install mods and API plugins automatically in a few clicks. You can select the appropriate hardware from the array of options and also change them in the future. It is equipped with tools like command like editor so that the user can manage everything. It has several server locations such as the US, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Germany, France, and Canada.

ServerBlend - best ark server hosting

Features of ServerBlend

  • Absolute mod support
  • Customized TcAdmin control panel
  • No branding
  • ARK mod updater

Pricing details

Serverblend provides a pricing plan at $18 per month for more than 30 slots.

4. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Network is an ARK hosting server that provides a high-performance server that can boost your speed and offers the unique experience of gaming. Currently, it is serving more than 136K customers around the globe. Nitrous Networks consist of powerful and user-friendly NITROPanel that provides easy setup for the players. You need not create any contract and make payments annually, quarterly, semi-annually, or monthly as per your convenience.

cheap ark server hosting

Features of Nitrous Networks

  • TcAdmin control panel
  • Free debranding
  • Free DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Customer support through the ticket system

Pricing details

Nitrous Networks provide its service for $1.03 per slot and its monthly package costs $20.60 for 20 slots. It also offers a package of $72.10/mo for 70 slots.

5. NodeCraft

Node Craft is an ARK server hosting that provides a distinctive control panel that takes few seconds to download server hosting. Its control panel is known as the Node panel that enables you direct settings and configuration. The server hosting is easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. It offers you the great experience of gaming and boosts your speed to get a quick level up. It provides mobile access by installing the Nodecraft app.

free ARK server hosting

Features of NodeCraft

  • Mobile control panel
  • DDoS protection
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Automated and troublefree cancellation

Pricing details

Nodecraft provides a plan of $9.98 per month it restricts no limits on the number of players. It also offers a money-back guarantee in 7 days.

6. Gameservers

Gameservers is an ARK server hosting that provides quick installation because of its activation systems. The worldwide network of Gameservers is created by one of the conceptual gamers. It provides various server locations in which you can select the closest one also you can transfer location anytime. The server locations are the US, South Africa, UK, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Italy, Poland, and France. Its control panel provides simple management of servers.

FREE ARK server hosting

Features of Gameservers

  • 24/7 technical support
  • FTP and file manager access
  • Supports all DLC and Mods
  • 99.9% network

Pricing details

Gameservers offer a plan that costs you $29.95 per month where 30 players can play the game.


LOW.MS is an ARK server hosting that is providing server hosting solutions to millions of players across the globe. The server hosting provides an extraordinary gaming experience. With this hosting service, you can play with your friends and associates around the world. It offers incredible and robust tools and features that enable you to easily manage, download mods and takes backups on your server.

Good ark server hosting

Features of LOW.MS

  • Fast customer support
  • It supports several games
  • Safe payments mode
  • Fast development

Pricing details

LOW.MS offers per slot at $0.77 and its package is available for $15.40.

8. HostHavoc

HostHavoc is an ARK server hosting that helps you in playing the game efficiently and complete level fast. It offers great hosting features at a very reasonable price. The company was established in 2013 and its headquarters is in Ottawa, Canada. HostHavoc offers the feature of File manager and FTP access that enables you backup your saved files and API manually. It provides quick customer support users can get the answers to their query within 15 minutes.

HostHavoc ark server hosting

Features of HostHavoc

  • It supports all MODS and DLC
  • Provide 24/7 technical support
  • Free DDoS protection
  • FTP and File manager access

Pricing details

HostHavoc offers its hosting for Ark in $0.40 per slot and it provides 50 slots for $20.00 per month.

9. GPortal

GPortal is an ARK server hosting that offers users full control on the games server. It provides two buying plans; you can either purchase server in their game cloud or you can choose the subscription-based plan. One of its benefits is you can easily switch to another game in the game cloud and also you need not sign any contract. Users can install GPortal in just 3 minutes. Users can also play several mods such as Valguero, ARK Genesis, and many more. You can pay through various secured payment modes like PayPal, Card-payment, etc.


Features of GPortal

  • DDoS protection
  • Customer support via tickets, wiki, e-mail, forum, and telephone
  • You can easily switch to another game due to its game cloud
  • It provides 50GB storage space for backups

Pricing details

GPortal offers a slot for $1.40 and its starting plan costs you $14.00 per month.

10. Blackbox

Blackbox is an ARK server hosting that was developed in the year 2011. It provides you high-performance server for game hosting. It consists of several robust features that make it the best server hosting. Its control panel is appropriate for both the users whether they are beginners or experiences. You can enter the client area by logging in and start the game where you have stopped due to its fast and automated setup. Users can also schedule updates so when any update detects by the system it informs the player by a message so that the user can install it immediately. Blackbox provides its server hosting in 8 cities of different countries such as the US, Canada, Sweden, UK, France, and Australia.


Features of Blackbox

  • Free DDoS protection
  • Free debranding
  • Able to switch location
  • TCAdmin control panel

Pricing details

Blackbox offers its services at $1.20 per slot and it costs $12.10 for 10 slots per month. It provides a money-back guarantee in only 24 hours.


What is the best ARK server host?

Game servers are considered to be the best ARK server host as it provides great hosting features at low cost and satisfies its users with great gaming experience.

How much does it cost to host an ARK server?

Every ARK server hosting offers different pricing plans. The price differs according to the number of slots.

Can you host a private server in ARK?

Yes, you can host a private server in ARK, although developing an ARK server is harder than purchasing hosting but it cost you lower.

Are ARK servers free?

No, ARK servers are not free it costs you some amount according to its packages. It also offers a number of slots for the charging amount. The package amount of every SRK server is different.

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