9 Best Snipping Tools for Mac in 2021

There isn’t any doubt regarding how many people would want to take a screenshot of their desktop. They would like to share their work, including any kind of article or PPT, etc. So, there would be multiple reasons why one would want to share the screenshot of their screen.

Now if you have a default button configuration for screenshot capture, it would be helpful. However, for new users and some of the old ones, that would be a bit confusing. Also, sometimes this won’t provide users with the advantage that some of the snipping tools specialized for Mac would provide.

So, if you are on the lookout for the best snipping tools for Mac, go ahead and read this article.

What Is A Snipping Tool?

To put in simple terms, a snipping tool is a Microsoft’s inbuilt tool that allows users to capture screenshot as per their needs. Also, they would allow you to add various effects and do edits to the picture captured.

This will allow you to utilize it in the best and possible manner based on the kind of work that you need it for. So, it would provide you with various opportunities and abilities for working with the captured screenshot rather than simply capturing the screenshot.

However, Mac users would want to use the same kind of snipping tool on the Mac and they would be disappointed. Why? Well, because Apple doesn’t provide such tools in their OS.

Best Snipping Tools for Mac

1. Snagit

Want to use the user-friendly and best snipping tool for your business? You would want one that uses visual instructions for conveying the details to customers as well as your team members.

Snagit is the best snipping tool that is created for businesses. They help in creating good visual instruction and allow users to take panoramic shots. Such shots would be great for capturing the scrolling webpages and even develop videos from the audio and screenshot. You can even add extra text from the screenshots with the Snagit, making it possible for you to paste it into another document.

Best Snipping Tools for Mac


  • It contains a panoramic screen capture that is good for scrolling windows and long web pages.
  • The best screen recording feature that provides and suitable for disposable and faster how-to-videos.
  • It helps to use an animated GIF from the video.
  • Makes sharing simple as you can easily send the images to the destinations like email.

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2. SnapNDrag

Now if you are okay with spending more out of your budget for the good snipping tools for Mac, then you would need to try the SnapNDrag. Even though it would cost you $10 for the full version, still it has pretty good features.

The free version is great, but the paid one provides you with added features like a convenient library where your screenshots would go. Also, you can share the messages, capture to mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc that can annotate your screenshot.

Another great feature is the ease to use and the user-friendliness.

Best Snipping Tools for Mac


  • Sharing screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • A library for storing your screenshots.
  • Easy to annotate the screenshots.
  • Various output formats present like JPEG, PNG, etc.

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3. CloudApp

Just think of CloudApp as a great Mac snipping tool that would easily capture the videos, images, GIFs, and webcam. The best part is that they can do it 300% faster. With the CloudApp, you can get faster access as it is available as a toolbar and one that you get as soon as you download.

So, ultimately, you would be able to save as much as a minute or half for the screenshots. You can add annotations for capture. Plus, you can upload large files of many kinds, share the video link, and even apply for the optional password protection in the CloudApp.

Snipping Tools for Mac


  • The tools provide the best support.
  • The tool is easy to use and even to learn too.
  • The snipping tool provides quick GIF and video creation.
  • The uploaded screenshots and videos would automatically get stored in the cloud.

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4. Lightshot

One of the best snipping tools for Mac would be the LightShot. This is the top-most product that provides great features and options, thereby making the user experience more worthwhile.

Additionally, you can edit your screenshots by adding color, text, shapes, etc. Even the software has a simple interface that you would only interact with along with the screen capture screen itself.

Well, the most outstanding feature would be the ease with which you can capture, upload, and save the screenshots.

mac snipping tools


  • The Lightshot would display the same images that you had once captured as a screenshot.
  • The drag-and-select screenshot feature allows you to capture screenshots of a particular area.
  • It provides a huge library of image enhancement tools for users.
  • You can easily share captured screenshots along with your colleagues and friends.

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5. Monosnap

As one of the best third-party snipping tools for Mac, the Monosnap can support the selected windows, full-screen capture, and part of the screen capture modes. Also, it has a good annotation tool that allows you to capture your screen immediately.

Additionally, you can choose the format for the file image. You can send the captured image to other applications like Adobe Photoshop.

Snipping Tools for Mac


  • Easy to annotate your image using text, arrows, and shapes.
  • Takes full screen and even part of the screen.
  • Easy to resize, rotate, and crop images.
  • Easy to hide the private details with the blur tool.

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6. Skitch

Now you would be in the business of taking screenshots and even marking them up for your official work. This snipping tool for Mac was created by and is owned by Evernote.

Now if you haven’t used Evernote, you can’t enjoy the push that integrates the two. Of course, Skitch is an elegant, simple, and effective snipping and the best markup editor for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. And the best part is that it has only seven tools.

Not only that you can easily add shapes, text, arrows, colors, and even draw on the images. Plus, you can even add blurring to the obscure areas. You would find the tool easy to use and even be able to figure it out within seconds.

Snipping Tools for Mac


  • The tools support JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, and BMP formats.
  • The tool would be easy to integrate with Evernote.
  • The tool provides a full-screen snapshot and even creates the immediate snap of the whole screen.
  • The tool has the Window snapshot that would allow one to choose the window whose content can be captured.

7. Loom Screen Recorder

The Loom Screen recorder tool would allow you to easily communicate faster and effectively by taking great screenshots and even faster shooting of videos. You can send them to your family or friends.

With the time taken for typing an email or mock-up an idea, you would be able to develop videos and even screenshots. So, if you are on the lookout for the best and free snipping tool for Mac, that would record videos, then Loom is the perfect one for that.

Loom Screen Recorder


  • The tool contains a rich interface that has various options.
  • The tool can support various platforms and even has the best Google Chrome extensions.
  • The tool is simple, easy-to-use, and lightweight.
  • The screen recording would be easy for creating faster tutorials and even on how to do something.

8. Greenshot

As one of the popular Snipping tools for Mac, the Greenshot would be having dozens of features like hotkey combinations, the chances for copying the image to clipboard, and even sending it directly to the cloud-based programs like Dropbox, Confluence, etc.

With this tool, you can even edit screenshots using the built-in-editor. The tool allows you to blur the areas of the screenshot that ensures that certain things are private.



  • The tool is an open-source one.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The tool freezes the screen while you are capturing.
  • The tool allows easy annotation.

9. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X is one of the oldest and best snipping tools for Mac. The best part is that it is the only app that is used even by the old Mac users. Considered as one of the most powerful snipping tools, it has huge features.

Snapz Pro X


  • You can easily capture screenshots.
  • Easy to capture the videos of the screen for creating the best tutorial videos.
  • The tool is available at a budget-friendly price.
  • The tool helps to edit your captured snaps.

Conclusion – Snipping Tools for Mac

The above given are the finest snipping tools for Mac. So, go ahead and check them out.

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