CleanMyMac VS CCleaner – Which is the Best Mac Cleaner

There is numerous Mac Optimization software available for the users but when coming to the best software two options that immediately strike everybody’s mind are CleanMyMac and CCleaner. Both are having great features and Mac optimization capabilities. But choosing among them is a little difficult as they both offer unique tools and advanced features. But in some cases, both differ from each other like CleanMyMac works on macOS only whereas CCleaner is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. 

Apart from this CCleaner provides unrestricted cleaning with its trial version and you can delete the number of junk files you want whereas CleanMyMac cleans up only 500 MB of the junk. Now, you are wondering that CCleaner is best but ultimately it is not there are many features which you like in CleanMyMac also.

So the question arises which is the best mac optimization software between CleanMyMac and CCleaner. This article is all about the comparison between CleanMyMac VS CCleaner and it will help you to choose the best and appropriate Mac optimization software between them.  

CleanMyMac VS CCleaner

CleanMyMac is one of the best Mac cleaner that are available in the market. It scans all the corners of your device to expose the junk files that must be omitted. At just a single click CleanMyMac can delete unnecessary system folders, iTunes, photos, emails, browsing traces, and large files.

CleanMyMac VS CCleaner

It can also delete the duplicate versions of the file along with the trash bin on your system. It helps in keeping your privacy by shredding your files and it also cleans browsing data to secure your private information. CleanMyMac allows you to uninstall unwanted apps and keeps the app updated. All its features make it the most demanding mac clean up software. You can also read Cleanmymac X Review

CCleaner is another bests Mac cleaning software for optimizing their Mac machines. It has multiple features that make your device free from all types of litter and makes your device faster and safer. CCleaner is one of the best software for Windows additionally it offers great features for Mac as well.

CleanMyMac VS CCleaner

It can instantly scan the device and cleans all the unwanted files, web browser settings and unneeded applications. moreover, it can easily uninstall the application which you no longer want to use and keep in your device. Besides removing the application it can also remove the configuration files of the apps, app logos and cache.

You can select the files you don’t want to remove and CCleaner allow you to clean all the data except those files. Some of its extraordinary features make it the best of all. 

Features of CleanMyMac and CCleaner

CleanMyMac and CCleaner both offer a great set of tools and features to their users but there are many differences between them which will clear which is best in CleanMyMac VS CCleaner. Although there are various features that are similar in both the Mac cleanup software but some features are different. 

CleanMYMac and CCleaner both are trustworthy solutions for Mac cleanup. CleanMyMac is compatible with macOS whereas CCleaner is available for Android, Windows, and Mac but the validation for CleanMyMac by Apple makes it more reliable and users trust it more than CCleaner. Apart from this CCleaner offers a free unlimited trial version. Through the free version of CCleaner, you can effectively remove browser junk.

CleanMyMac has a huge set of cleaning tools like system speedup and malware removal. There are many more features which can differentiate both of them and let you choose the best.


The free package of CCleaner is available with privacy protection. Privacy protection retains all the cookies and Javascript that is gathered at the time of web browsing. But the free version of the CCleaner isn’t able to scan each corner of Mac for junk files but it can clean sensitive and confidential information that is stored in cookies.

While CleanMyMac’s free version doesn’t offer privacy protection. But it is not true that it can’t optimize Mac. You can scan the junk files on your system and can calculate the occupied space by them and you can retrieve the occupied space after deleting the junk files. 

Easy to operate

CleanMyMac is a little difficult to operate as it has a complicated setting as well as omit useful features. It offers a great range of extensive optimization features and that is why it has a complex interface. Whereas CCleaner is easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface and it is suitable for beginners.  

Pricing packages

CCleaner offers various pricing plans that differ according to the scans and repairs. It also provides a free package and its premium package starts from $24.95 with the license of program updating, priority support, junk management, and automated browser cleanup. 


CleanMyMac provides a huge set of optimization features, on the other hand, CCleaner more emphasis on privacy and safety protection. Through CleanMyMac you can clear junk files by performing customize scans, manage browser privacy and uninstall applications without deleting any traces. While CCleaner allows you to sweep out excess deleted files, manage startup, speed up Mac, log files, and clean cache.

Pros and Cons of CleanMyMac and CCleaner



  • Use of uninstaller and updater to manage installed and uninstalled applications
  • Through junk file cleaner you can retain storage and boost the speed of Mac
  • Make use of Shredder and remove all the files permanently
  • It allows managing startup items
  • Smart scan at just one click
  • It removes all the traces of privacy
  • It cleans all the malware
  • Cleans DNS caches
  • Consist of features like Time machine thinning, updater, and app reset
  • Instantly scans the device for junk files


  • With its trial version, it provides only 500 MB cleaning limitations
  • Not good for beginners
  • Comparatively expensive



  • CCleaner is available on major platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows
  • It offers a free version to remove all the browser junk and cache
  • It removes unused and unwanted files and boosts the speed of Mac
  • It helps in managing startup items
  • It helps in cleaning all the cookies and Javascript that are harmful to data privacy
  • It helps in removing all the junk in a moment
  • It helps in enhancing the speed of the device
  • CCleaner has a user-friendly interface


  • CCleaner is available for Mac but it is not as efficient as for Windows
  • It has fewer optimization tools
  • It comprises fewer configuration options 
  • It is not appropriate for cleaning old and large files

Comparison table of CleanMyMac and CCleaner

Vital features CleanMyMac CCleaner
Overwriting of unused space not available available
Photo cleanup available N/A
Startup item removal available available
System cleanup available available
Custom folder cleaning N/A available
Application reset available not available
Updater available not available
Large & old files Cleaner available not available
Personalized clean Up tips available not available
Mac Uninstaller available available
Space visualization available N/A
Browser Cleanup available available
Time machine thinning available not available
Hung applications available N/A
Custom Folders Cleanup N/A available
Malware removal available N/A
Login items removal available available
Why choose mac speedup tools and Also offers malware Removal cleaning
provides a free trial version and folder wise cleaning information in details

From the above comparison table, you get the idea that some features offered by CleanMyMac and CCleaner are similar.

Pricing of CleanMyMac Vs CCleaner


CleanMyMac is available on macOS 10.10 and more than, 145 MB. Its starting price is available at $34.95.


CCleaner requires system OS X 10.8 to 10.14 Mojave. The pricing package of CCleaner is available at $19.95.  

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