Download, Install and Update MTP USB Device Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7

MTP USB Device driver plays an important role in sharing files between the desktop and portable devices like SD cards, smartphones, etc. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol.

It is necessary to download, install and update the MTP USB Device driver as it can cause an error in connecting the PC with the portable device. If the MTP USB Device driver is outdated or not installed in your system then you can’t be able to transfer files and data between your system and smartphones.

When you get the error message “MTP USB Device Failed” then at that time you must update the MTP USB Device Driver. In case you are facing the issue then to get rid of this error the only solution is to download, install and update the MTP USB Device Driver.

MTP USB Device Failed

There are two ways through which you can upgrade the MTP USB Device Driver. One is a manual method and the other is an automatic method. The manual method is quite a difficult and time-consuming process while in an automatic method it takes few seconds to update the MTP USB Device Driver. Let’s discuss in brief both the methods.

MTP USB Device Driver Download, Update & Installation

By using the manual method

If you are good in computer skills and have enough time to invest in MTP USB Device Driver download then you can use this method. There are two manual methods for fixing the MTP USB Device Driver error.

Method 1 – Using Windows Update

You can use windows update for easy MTP USB Device Driver download. It involves some steps which should be executed properly to use Windows update to update MTP USB Device Driver. Below are the steps:

  • Firstly, navigate to the start menu and choose the settings option.
  • In the windows settings page, click on the Update & security. In the next window, go to the left side of the page and select the windows update option.

Update & security

  • Now, at the right side of the window click on the check for updates option.

If there are any latest MTP USB Device Driver is available then windows will automatically download it on the system and installed the latest version of the driver. Once the process is completed restart your computer to check whether you are still facing the issue of connecting your PC with the smartphone to transfer files.

Method 2 – Using Manufacturer Site 

This is one of the easiest methods for MTP USB Device Driver download.  Simply visit the manufacturer’s official website and find a suitable driver for your system. But to use this method you must know about the exact detail of your windows operating system. The wrong detail can harm your PC and you can’t be able to download the correct driver this will cause more trouble.

When you find the appropriate driver for your system double-click on the .exe file and install it on your PC. Some of the instructions are given on the screen you need to follow them to finish the installation process.

Automatic method

The automatic method is far better than the manual method for those who don’t have enough time to spend installing updates for MTP USB Device Driver. There are several driver updater software that takes only one or two steps to install the latest drivers on the system. Here we will take the example of Driver Booster.

1. Using Driver Booster

Driver Booster is one of the best driver update software which is free of cost. It is using by millions of users to install the latest drivers for their system. It can scan all the outdated, corrupted and missing drivers in few seconds. The scanning speed is 100% faster than any other updater tool.

Driver Booster can easily install the latest driver in your system without creating any trouble for you. Also, there is no chance of installing the wrong drivers as the software is reliable and can solve all the driver’s related issues in just seconds. Below are some steps that should be followed to use Driver Booster to update the MTP USB device driver:

  • Firstly, download the driver booster in your system.
  • After downloading the driver booster software install it on your PC.
  • When it is completely installed in the PC launch the driver booster.

Install the driver booster

  • At the driver booster window look for the scan option, click on it.

Driver Booster Review

  • When you click on the scan button it will automatically search for all the outdated, missing or corrupted MTP USB device drivers in your system.
  • After few seconds, a list appears in front of you consisting of all the outdated drivers.
  • Click on the update button to install the latest version of all the drivers.

Driver Booster will take few seconds to install the latest drivers. When the installation process will complete restarting your computer. Read the complete Driver Booster Review


If you are facing any issue while transferring files and data from your smartphones to the desktop then there could be higher chances of corrupted or outdated MTP USB Device Drivers. if you update these drivers this will surely fix your issue and you will be able to work properly. In the above article, we have discussed manual methods and also an automatic method to fix this issue.

Although the manual method is an effective method through you can solve the error but I suggest you use the automatic method to update drivers as it is an easy and most effective method. I hope this article would be useful for you and using the method you can easily transfer your files and data between smartphone and PC.

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