Macbooster Review: Is It Worth the Price

Macbooster is designed by IObit software which was introduced in the year 2004. From 2004 to the present, it has become one of the prominent leading innovators. MacBooster is defined as the mac cleaning software which clean and speed your mac system.

It is also the two-in-one type of program which is best in providing malware protection and performance optimization. You will get a little bit of idea about MacBooster from its name.  It was primarily established for macOS. This software helps in finding and removing Mac viruses and numerous kinds of threats. 

Macbooster Review

In addition to that, in the matter of optimization, it is fruitful in removing the junk file, enhancing the stability of the OS, and so on. With the help of MacBooster Review, you will come to know about its features, perks, and so on. In addition to it, by reading the reviews, you will answer your question: is Macbooster safe?

Macbooster Review

Before moving to the MacBooster reviews, here is a quick review about its features and pros and cons. 

Features 1 2 3 4 5
Scanning? Real-time 


Manual Virus Scanning  Auto Virus Scanning Registry Startup Scan Scheduled scan 
Threat Type? Anti-Spyware Anti-Worm Anti-Rootkit Anti-Spam Adware Prevention
Compatible? Windows Mac IOS Android
Support?  Live Phone Email  Ticket

These are some features of the MacBooster that you will get if you consider them. 

Pros and Cons of MacBooster

A number of optimization tools have perks and drawbacks. Likewise, MacBooster also has both sides. Here is the list of information about the pros and cons of MachBooster.


  • Easy to use and worthy graphic interface 
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Number of optimization tools
  • Consist of clean up and speedup tools
  • Provide the best security against the different threats.
  • Offers best customer support


  • Does not provide warnings before removal 
  • Ideal for the MacOS

Apart from it, MacBooster has different versions which come with different programs. The latest version of the MacBooster is Macbooster-8. 

What is a MacBooster?

Not all the masses are aware about the concept of Macbooster, and is Macbooster safe? Here is the list of information of this program. 

IObit established this program mainly for the users of Apple Mac. It is helpful in maintaining the macOS system. It has a number of features which make it different from the others. 

  • It removes the malware and virus for offering real-time protection to the Mac. 
  • To get the free space, it removes the junk system and all the unused files. 
  • Blend of a number of tools that maintain the Mac in excellent condition.

Is Macbook safe?

Fortunately, MacBooster is safe because of the absence of any malicious features. Therefore, most masses do not only question this safety but also the legitimate portion. Fortunately, it is legit because it is designed by a prominent firm known as the IObit.

All you need to do is download this from its official website rather than the third-party websites. It is because there are some chances that you may face the problem. So, while downloading, avoid unauthorized third-party websites.

MacBooster Features:

  • System Junk 

System Junk 

Do you have any idea about the junk files? If not, you will be amazed to know that these sorts of files take plenty of the hard disk space. These unnecessary files are introduced because of the third-party app or operating system. 

When you visit this program, then you will get the option of system junk. With this option, you will get the details about junk files. Then, clean it to free up the occupied spaces. 

  • Uninstaller 


Your responsibility is not completed with transferring all the files in the trash. To eliminate the trash files, you should consider the tool. With the help of Uninstaller, one can quickly eliminate the trash files. In addition to it, you also have the option of restarting the program.  

  • Virus and Malware Scan 

Virus and Malware

MacBooster introduces the test to look for hidden viruses and different malicious code. After completing the scan, choose the option of fix. With the help of it, your device will be free from those devices which threaten you. 

  • Malicious Cookies Clean 

The cookies can become the reason for your device. What they do is track all of your data and steal all of your details, such as your bank account and so on. Not only this, but you will get the option of privacy protection too.

  • Turbo Boost 

This tool is fruitful for you in boosting the performance of your devices. This feature works for fixing the issues regarding disk permission. It also optimizes the storage space on your HDD/SSD. 

Turbo Boost 

  • MacBooster Mini 

You will get this option in the menu bar. This is an excellent feature which provides you immense information. For example, you will get information about network firewalls, RAM usage, and so on. In addition to it, the user will get in-depth information about it. 

MacBooster Mini 

  • Startup Optimization 

This feature is best in enhancing the OS startup time. It consists of the list of all Login Items which launch automatically. Of course, you have the authority to disable it. In addition to it, with the help of it, you can easily add the most rated or your favorite application to the startup list. 

Startup Optimization

Moreover, apart from the MacBooster Review, you also get the options of numerous tools. So, in addition to it, here is the list of some tools you will get from the MacBooster. 

Duplicate Finder:

With the help of intelligent checks and innovative clean features, you can easily detect the number of copies or duplicates finder. Further, you can work on deleting them. 

Duplicate Finder

Photo Sweeper 

You can easily find the duplicated pictures which required the removal. By eliminating all the unnecessary duplicate photos, you can free up a sufficient amount of space. So, remove all of the photos which are duplicate. 

Photo Sweeper

These are some tools that you can get in the Macbooster. It is one of the fruitful software to consider from removing the extra files, boosting the device’s performance, and so on. 

In the end, with the help of MacBooster Review, now all of your doubts are cleared. After clearing all of your doubts, you can choose the best decision regarding downloading the MacBooster on your device or not. 


  1. Is MacBooster Safe and Legitimate?

Yes, MacBooster is safe and Legitimate. It was introduced by the prominent leader IObit.

  1. Is MacBooster a Malware?

There is no such evidence that shows MacBooster Malware. However, you can download it from its official website rather than the unauthorized third-party website. By this, you may be able to prevent some problems. 

  1. Does Quick MacBooster work?

MacBooster works perfectly if you know how to use it. Before downloading it, you can easily find its working criteria. Due to it, you will get knowledge about how it works and so on. 

  1. What is My Mac Still Runs Slow after Using MacBooster?

You can confirm it from the support they are offering. If you face this problem, you can ask the question by taking Email support and so on. In addition to it, they will resolve your issues for sure. 

  1. How to disable MacBooster?

You will have to follow several following steps for disabling the MacBooster.

  • Choose the option of finder on the docx.
  • Select the option of application and look for the option of MacBooster in this folder. 
  • Locate this program and drag it into the trash.
  • Do the right click on the trash 
  • Further, opt for the option of empty trash.

In these ways, you can easily disable or uninstall the MacBooster from your device.   

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